Starter kit basic
Starter kit basic
Starter kit basic

Starter kit basic

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Introducing our Starter Kit Basic – your all-in-one solution to begin your dreadlock journey. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to start practicing the art of dreadlock creation at a price lower than purchasing each item individually.

**Included in the Starter Kit Basic:**

- **Metal Comb:** Sturdy and durable, perfect for sectioning and backcombing your hair.

- **Hairdresser Training Head:** A high-quality practice mannequin to perfect your techniques before moving on to real hair.

**Hair Clips:** Securely hold sections of hair in place while you work.

 **Ergonomic Crochet Hook:** Designed for comfort, this tool helps you tightly lock hair with ease.

**Double Crochet Hook:** Speed up your work and ensure consistent dreadlock maintenance.

 **Hairdresser Cape:** Keep clothes clean and hair-free during the dreadlocking process.

 **Scissor:** Sharp and precise for any cutting needs during your setup.

**Loop crochet:** Perfect for interlocking

**Hairdresser tool bag** Quantity toolbag that will fit all you need. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn dreadlocking techniques or a seasoned pro wanting to refine your skills, this kit provides high-quality tools in a cost-effective package. Start your dreadlock journey with confidence and quality by your side with our Starter Kit Basic!

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