We have the best dreadlock hair in all of Europe!
      Here's why:
      *It's 90% RAW hair, meaning that the hair is uncolored, not heated, no chemicals to change the texture, no silicon that makes it look better then it is
      *It's 100% from Europe, and always voluntarily sold or given away
      *It's dubble drawn, meaning most of the hairs goes all the way down, creating long and thick ends.
      *It's remy, meaning the loose ends will not tangle.
      *All the hair is personal checked by us, we only sell the best.

      Why is this so important?
      *Most people wear their dreadlocks for many years, than you need good quality, otherwise it will break. Cheaper hair can look good at the beginning but just after 3 months you will see the differens.
      *Most people don't cut their dreadlocks. So if the end of the dreadlocks is poor quality you ether end up with no loose ends or you will have to change the whole dreads, and that will cost you time and money.
      *A lot of the hair on the market is bleached from black, which weakens the hair a lot, especially if you want blonde dreads.