Our Services

We run a salon in Axvall where we offer fixing your existing dreadlocks or if you want to make new dreadlocks.

Below you can see our target prices. The prices may differ depending on how thick your hair is, if you want extra thin dreads or if you have long hair, for example.

There are always 2 of us working, so you have to sit half for a long time and we always finish a full head of hair in one day.

Fix: SEK 1400/h, time 1-3h

Full hair without extensions from SEK 8,900

Full hair with genuine extensions from Europe: approx. SEK 10,900

On our FB and Instagram you will find lots of inspirational pictures. For the easiest way to book an appointment, write to us on FB (message) or Instagram. Please send a picture of how your hair looks now and if you have any inspiration pictures of how you want it to look.

We will make sure you get the hair of your dreams! We have lots of different shades, lengths and thicknesses of hair at home and you can usually choose on the spot if you want a different shade or thickness than the one we agreed on.

We have many years of experience and lots of satisfied customers. You can feel secure that you are getting the right information on how to easily take care of your dreads in the best way.

Normal waiting time right now 4-5 months.