Working woth dreadlocks

Working together

How we strated working with dreadlocks. We are two sisters who founded Dreadone in 2012. We started on a small scale but grew over time and are today professionals, gathering experience along the way. Starting a business together was easy for us because we are very close as sisters so discovering new things and creating together came natural. As we have grown up together, it is a privilege to also be able to work together.

Let us tell you more about us

Spread your wings

We use a unique technique that we developed over the years. With this technique we can create durable dreadlocks with a natural look of the best quality. In connection with the growth of our business, the time for receive new customers decreased. Since there was no one who worked with the same technique as us, the idea was born to teach people how to work with dreadlocks. It is such a fantastic feeling to be able to share the knowledge we have gathered over the years. It is also so fun to see our students develop and above all to succeed! You can read about our education here

We love that you love it

Working with dreadlocks was a fun hobby we had, but has now grown to a great passion for both of us. It can be anything from meeting new challenges, being creative and coming up with new styles and looks, train students to start their own business , being involved and changing people's lives through their dreamhair, to exciting and cozy meetings in our salon with new and old customers. In other words: -We love our job!

Let us make it easy for you

In our working experience we found out that unnecessary time was lost in making hair extensions for the customer, so in the spirit of that we offer our services to you! ready-made extensions of real hair to the customer and salons. Our custom real human hair dreadlock extensions is made to fit everybody. For example; we offer choices in colour ,thickness and length. this extension is made to seamlessly lengthen the customers dreadlocks, thereby shortening the time spent in the chair. Easy to attache directly on the customers dreads to make them longer without any preparation. Let me take you to our Webshop

This is where we are at today


Never stop being curious

To sum up, this is where we are at today. And the most fun and exciting thing is that you do not know where you are in a month or in a year. We never cease to be curious, we never cease to be open to new challenges and we never cease to be responsive to you as a customer. For organic skincare produkts visit Nioma

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