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We are proud to present to you, our own Hair Oil

It is:

* Vegan

* Made and produced in Sweden

* Organic

* No bad ingredients for the skin or nature

* Low impact on the environments

* No plastic

* No alcohol / paraben / Chlodire / PEG, a.s.o.

It is exclusive handmade by a small family business.

And one other good thing about it is that it lasts for a long time.

It contains essential oils from nature.

I know you will LOVE it!

We got tired of companies claiming that their product was organic, good for the environment and your skin, when in fact we found the opposite when we took a closer look at it. That's when we decided to put all our energy into creating the best shampoo that matches all our standards we want on a quality product.

Cocos Nucifera*, Brassica Napus*, Water, Sodium Olea Europea*, Ricinus communis*, Carthamus tinctorius*, Litsea Cubeba oil *, Argana spinosa*, Cymbopogon schoenanthus oil*

Caprylic triglyceride* Persea gratissima oil* Helianthus annuus oil* Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Litsea Cubeba oil*, cymbopogon schoenanthus*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*

*Means Organic

We have selected this oils for their moisturizing qualitys of the hairs. It is also good for preventing split ends. It smells amazing and it will help your dreads last longer.

Please notice.
If you have bleached and/or damage hair. You have to do a oil treatment before shampooing, to close the fiber of the hair.
To do a oil treatment. Take about 1/2-the full bottle of the oil and massage into your hair, before going to bed, wrap the hair into a towel so you don't get stains in the pillow. Then in the morning, shampoo your hair and add a few drops of oil. Repeat if needed.

If you have problems with your scalp and you need a super boost to help it recover. Take about 1/3 of the bottle and gently massage in into the scalp, before going to bed, wrap the hair into a towel so you don't get stains in the pillow. Then in the morning, shampoo your hair and add a few drops of oil. Repeat if needed.

This product have helped so many. This is what one of our customer says:

"I bought this shampoo bar because my scalp is dry, sensitive and itchy. After consulting the girls at Dreadone what I should have, they recommended this. It worked fantastically well! Easy to use, fresh scent and I felt an improvement right away! But the absolute best thing is still how well it works for my children! Both of my 12 year olds have dandruff eczema that has been a scourge for many years. Itching, burning and flaky scalp. In addition, they are curly, so they by nature have very dry hair, which has made their scalp extra fragile. We've tried everything. Lots of different dandruff shampoos, met doctors who prescribed ointments, shampoos and cutan solutions. Also tried various "housewife cures" such as chamomile tea, aloe vera and rice water. The list goes on and on. When I then used this and realized that my scalp felt much better, we also tried it on them. On one daughter, one wash was enough for her to notice a difference! For my second daughter it took 3 washes and it is absolutely an improvement! Much less bran and a big difference in the dandruff! So insanely happy and grateful for this product! ???"

Litsea - works wonders for oily and impure scalp, acne skin, reduces pores. Antibacterial.
Lemongrass - prevent hair loss and nourish your hair. At the same time, it counteracts the appearance of dandruff. Heals damaged skin as well as keeping it clean from bacteria and fungus. Relieves headaches. Against acne. Enjoy !

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