Dreadlock extensions human hair - for sale

Dreadlock extensions human hair - Ready to ship

♥ Handmade, real human hair, dreadlock extensions
♥ Premium quality
♥ Low price
♥ Save time
♥ Raw hair (90%)


Do you have a salon and want to be able to receive more customers?
Do you want long dreads but do not have the patience to let your own grow? 

No worries, we have the solution!

On dreadone.com we sell ready-made extensions directly to you as a customer or salon. You can therefore order at home and install them either directly on the customer or on yourself.
No waiting for your hair to grow and if you have customers, you save many hours of work of making extensions and can thus receive more customers.

Want to make your own extensions but have difficulty finding good hair? We solve it too!
You can now also order hair extensions from us in all colors.
Please contace us at messenger, insta or e-mail for special orders.

We have carefully chosen hair of the best quality. Our hair is always 100% real hair and it is European.
To maintain the good quality, the hair is almost always untreated and dyed, raw hair. Therefore, it can shift a little between the shades under the same product.
This make sure that your customer gets the chance to access the absolute best quality without anyone having dyed or treated the hair before you buy it. The quality is very important cause when you get dreads you keep them for a long time and unlike when you have normal hair, you dont cut the split ends of, therefor you need a hair that will last long time without breaking.
We are quite unique with this and therefore can have such nice and durable dreadlocks. But if you still want a specific color, we will of course also solve it, it will be colored with industrial coloring , that is more gentle to the hair and lasts longer.
Our dreadlocks are handmade and we use no products, only comb and needle. This hair can be washed, flattened, blow-dried and curled. You can also dye your hair, but as with normal hair, the quality deteriorates the more you expose the hair to, as we do not recommend dyeing your hair.
We make sure that your product is handled with the utmost care from the very beginning until you have products in your hand.